Quienes somos


Nuestra historia

Lic. Eduardo arellano, con diploma de reconocimiento otorgado por presidencia de la naciĆ³n argentina

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Quienes somos

Nuestra Historia

RCP Argentina is a dedicated medical organization committed to promoting health and safety across the country. With a focus on first-aid techniques, we provide comprehensive training programs to individuals and professionals alike, ensuring they are equipped with life-saving skills.

RCP Argentina started with a vision to create a safer environment by teaching essential emergency procedures. We believe that everyone should have the knowledge and skills to respond effectively during emergencies.

RCP Argentina has served a diverse range of clients, including individuals looking to learn basic first-aid skills and professionals in the healthcare industry seeking advanced training. Our clients trust us for our expertise and commitment to quality education.

Our Values

The core values that guide us


We empower individuals by equipping them with life-saving skills, giving them the confidence to take action during emergencies.


Safety is our top priority. We adhere to the highest standards to create a safe learning environment and promote overall well-being.


We believe in building a strong community that cares for each other. Our programs foster teamwork and empathy, creating a supportive network of individuals committed to saving lives.

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